Warranty Policy

Megaxmar offers multiple warranty services for our customers: 30-day guarantee refund and two-year warranty. The two options are non-discriminatory for orders from all Megaxmar verified platforms. The warranty starts on the date of your purchase. The picture below is an exihibit of the warranty timeline:


30-day guarantee refund

Customers can return the product purchased within 30 days for any reasons with full refund. However, please check the list below carefully to get the full refund:

  • Please return the product with the original packaging, including the outer case and inner carry bag.
  • Please return all the accessories included in the orignal packaging
  • If the product is not returned due toproductquality issues, Megaxmar would only refund customer's cost on the product itself and would NOT cover the shipping cost.

Megaxmar will check returned products thoroughly. Refund will be delivered to customer's account within 15 business days after checking the returned product. CAUTION, Megaxmar may reject the return if any of the requirements mentioned above is not fulfilled.

 -How to enter the 30 days guarantee return:

1. Please contact us through email: info@megaxmar.com  with the screenshot of your order information. 

2. Once your order is verified, we will contact you for further instruction with address of warehouse to return and other information. 

two-year warranty

If customers missed the 30-day return, customers can still enjoy the two-year warranty for all products purchased from Megaxmar verified platforms due to defects in product quaility only. 

You may go to our warranty claim page and apply for warranty directly: https://megaxmar.com/pages/warranty

There are few things to notice before claiming your warranty:

  1. Please check your purchase date.
  2. If it is still within 30 days, you may apply for the 30 days guarantee through the guide mentioned above.
  3. If it has exceeded the 2-year warranty, please check your eligibility for applying for 1-year extended warranty.
  4. If customer gets the replacement through the warranty, the warranty still ends two years after customer's original order.


 -Shipping costs must be covered by buyers in the following situations:

  • Warranty claimed by customers out of the U.S..
  • Costs associated with unauthorized returns(any returns made outside of the approved warranty process)

What Warranty Cannot Cover

  • Warranty claims with no sufficient order information
  • Free products
  • Damage caused by repairment through 3rd parties
  • Damage from misuse of products(including but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)
  • Units purchased from platforms that are not authorized by Megaxmar.


If the units returned have attached prepaid shipping label provided by Megaxmar, Megaxmar would shoulder the responsibility for any damage or loss incurred in transit. However, if the units are returned due to reasons other than defects in product quality (which are not covered by the 2-year warranty after 30 days), customers should be accountable for any damage or loss incurred in transit.